UKEYO provides its Sellers a Platform to access premium Customers across the India who are looking for cutting edge designs and innovative home designing solutions. To meet the requirements of such Customers, Livspace ensures it brings on board premium Sellers, who provide exceptional Products and Services on its Platform. With a view to achieve this objective, the Seller represents and warrants that:
  • the business of the Seller is duly organized, validly existing under the Applicable Law;
  • it has all the requisite rights, powers and authority to enter into the Marketplace Agreement and perform their obligations thereunder;
  • that any information provided or made available by the Seller to Ukeyo is at all times accurate and complete including the information regarding Seller’s legal name, principal geographic address of its headquarters and all branches, the name and details of its website, its e-mail address, customer care contact details such as fax, landline, and mobile numbers and where applicable, its GSTIN and PAN details are true and correct and there is no discrepancy attached to it.
  • not more than 25% of its purchases are from Ukeyo or the group companies of Ukeyo and undertakes to provide this confirmation in writing, as and when requested by Livspace or its auditors.
  • the Seller shall adhere to all Applicable laws.
  • it maintains the current account information and periodically ensure its accuracy;
  • it does not misrepresent the Products or related functionalities;
  • it does not list Products which may cause harm (reputational or otherwise) to Ukeyo;
  • it does not engage in any misleading, inappropriate, or offensive behavior and act fairly at all times;
  • Seller shall ensure that the advertisements for marketing of Products and Services are consistent with the actual characteristics, access and usage conditions of such Products and Services.

The Seller expressly agrees, undertakes and confirms that descriptions, images, and other content pertaining to Products or Services on the Platform are accurate and corresponds directly with the appearance, nature, quality, purpose and other general features and functionalities of such Product or Service. Seller’s use of the Website and Platform shall be strictly governed by the following binding principles:
  • Seller shall provide all contractual information required to be disclosed by law, including all the relevant details such as country of origin, authenticity or genuineness of the imported product which are necessary for enabling the consumer to make an informed decision at the pre purchase stage.
  • Seller ought to clearly provide total price of the listed Product or Service, along with appropriate breakup price, if any, communicating all charges such as delivery charges, postage and handling charges, conveyance charges and the applicable tax, as may be applicable.
  • Seller must provide accurate information related to terms of exchange, returns, and refund in a clear and accessible manner and at all times adhere to the same.
  • Seller shall disclose any relevant guarantees or warranties applicable to such Products or Services listed on the Platform.
  • Seller acknowledges that the Seller shall have never post any reviews about Products or Services listed on the Platform or misrepresent the quality or the features of any Products or Services. Additionally, Seller expressly undertakes never to represent itself as a consumer.
  • Seller undertakes to abide by the return/refund policies of Ukeyo and shall never refuse to take back Products, or withdraw or discontinue Services purchased or agreed to be purchased, or refuse to refund consideration, if: -
               • payment is already made by the Customer,
               • such Products or Services are defective, deficient or fake,
               • the Products or Services are not of the characteristics or features as advertised on the Platform
               • such Products or Services are delivered late from the stated delivery schedule.